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An award-winning design house, Redder Door Limited (RD) is a professional company specializing in visual communication, offering one-stop, end-to-end creative/visual communication services.

We are all media and design experts who have worked in the field for over 10 years.

Jaded with the lack of enthusiastic major players in the creative industry, RD determined to set a better example. We take pride in our many projects, spanning advertising, branding, TV commercials, production and costume design for movies, event design and production, package design and publication.

Our value lies in the capability to solve customers’ problems. For long, we have been obeying an old wisdom – “not in excess yet not in deprivation, do not rush yet do not dawdle, not to be conceited yet not to feel inferior (不多不少;不除不疾;不亢不卑)”

Adherence to core beliefs and sincere efforts in bringing happiness to clients and our team members has earned Redder Door much success. And we have much to expect in the future.

Here is the belief pulling us all together,
Designing is to make our place looks not too bad.
Publishing is to remind of the charm of words.
Marketing is to locate the mutual gains.
Playing is to wake up the importance of fun.
Gambling is to have some happy sweat.

Early In 2009, we received the Bronze award (Spatial category) of Asia Design Award organized by the renowned Hong Kong Designers Association. Not long ago, we are grateful to secure another prize of the Most Valuable Services Awards 2015.

We wouldn’t have made it without the kind support from our beloved clients. For all these years, Redder Door has been working well with brands and organizations like LENOVO, BASF, Chow Sang Sang, The Link REIT, Galaxy MacauTM, Suncity Group,etc.

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